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Location: Leicestershire
Client: PAB Coventry

Glazing Renovations recently collaborated with its sister company Glazing Vision to arrange and execute a seamless installation of a large Skydoor rooflight to a three-storey home nestled in the quaint village of Catthorpe near Leicestershire.

Glazing Renovations are Glazing Vision’s approved and preferred installers for all their products and so they were the natural choice for this project in collaboration with Glazing Vision. Our industrial partnership allows us to seamlessly integrate quality products with unparalleled installation expertise, ensuring exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Prior to installing the rooflight at the Leicestershire property, the dedicated Glazing Renovations team attended site for a pre-install site survey that covered all necessary Health and Safety that would be needed to be in place on the day of install and also a full check of the kerb that the client had built ready to receive the Skydoor. Glazing Renovations reported back to the client via Glazing Vision’s Project management team any issues that needed to be addressed before the  installation, making it very clear and simple to the client as a simple traffic light system of the issues was used.

Glazing Renovations also prepared and forwarded to Glazing Vision a full set of RAMs (Risk assessment and method statements) that was specific to that project for review and comment by the client, these RAMS would have been used by Glazing Vision to submit to their customer along with their crane lift partners lift plan to ensure Glazing Vision and the client understand what will happen on the day and they are happy with the process presented.

On the day of the install a dynamic risk assessment was carried out by the installation team to ensure that no risks to either the team or the client were present on site. The risk assessment assessed possible hazards such as fall from heights, manual handling and electrocution.

The team also reviewed the kerb they were installing the rooflight onto taking note of the pre-install site survey points to insure that if there were any outstanding amendments needed that these have been completed before we installed the rooflight onto it to ensure the rooflight will perform as it should.

After the comprehensive risk assessment of the site was conducted, various health and safety measures were taken to ensure the wellbeing of all site attendees, as safety is an utmost priority.

Our sister company, Glazing Vision provided the crane and the certified lift frame to lift the rooflight onto the roof of the building safely,  we then carefully positioned the Glazing Vision Skydoor rooflight on the upstand ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

After the Glazing Vision Skydoor was installed, we carried out numerous checks to ensure the safe operation of the rooflight as well as the correct operation of the rain sensor, keypad and proximity sensors.This testing meant that our client, PAB Coventry, could rest assured of the rooflight’s performance and safety.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was evident throughout the project, earning praise from the client, PAB Coventry.
They praised Glazing Renovations’ professionalism, friendliness, and cleanliness throughout the installation process, stating “The installation team were professional, friendly and tidy. I would have no problem in recommending [them] to anyone looking for a professional company to install their quality products efficiently.”

At Glazing Renovations, we take pride in our reputation as a trusted provider of commercial glazing solutions. Whether it’s rooflight installations, window replacements, or glass facades, our team has the expertise and experience to meet your requirements with precision and efficiency.

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