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Location: Birmingham

Client: Equans

An Equans managed building located in Birmingham had a large pane of shattered glass which required replacing, and so Glazing Renovations, nationwide experts in glazing maintenance, renovations and repairs, were contacted due to their experience within the field.

The glass included a unique design which needed to be matched and was also glazed in a toggle curtain walling system, a technical design enabling the creation of fully glazed fa├žades without attaching external aluminium frames to the glazing. Although drawings and sizes were supplied, a survey conducted by abseilers were used to ensure the glass size was correct which resulted in being incredibly useful due to the glass sizes originally stated not matching the measurements taken by Glazing Renovations.

The client had concerns regarding the time it would take to carry out works, as during the previous replacement of a pane of glass on the same building by a different glazing company, the road next to the building was partially closed as a MWEP, also known as an ariel work platform, was used, with a crane rigged on the road in question.

Glazing Renovations took these concerns into consideration and after in-depth discussions with our abseil and lifting partners surrounding how best to proceed we agreed on early weekend working, cornering off the path next to the building after receiving approval from the local council, and using a small compact spider crane to keep the rigging footprint small including a team of 4 abseilers due to the length of the piece of glass being almost 5 meters. A glazing technician was also required to ensure the unit was smoothly and correctly installed.

Despite the challenges with the size and design of the unit, the client was impressed with the replacement taking only 2 and a half hours to complete after a previous replacement by an alternative glazing company took all day.

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