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Location: Aylesbury

Client: Sovereign

Sovereign urgently contacted Glazing Renovations after an experiencing vandalism which resulted in 15 shattered glass units that urgently required rectification. The primary aim of the project was to address this damage swiftly and effectively, ensuring the safety and security of the affected area. However, the overarching goal was to replace all 15 glass units with precision, upholding the highest standards throughout the process.

The project presented specific challenges that required the expertise at Glazing Renovations. Firstly, a challenge entailed achieving a precise colour match for the glass units, a task made more complex by the absence of any drawings for reference. Secondly, Glazing Renovations faced difficulties in fitting one of the units due to its elevated position and associated access issues.

To outdo expectations, Glazing Renovations sent a team of four technicians equipped with a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MWEP). They attended the site, expertly replacing one high-level, challenging access unit, and 14 ground floor units. This comprehensive approach ensured that the replaced units were not only secure but also weather-tight, safeguarding the integrity of the location. The team also effectively addressed additional issues, employing their experience to ensure a seamless colour match, and working around the absence of reference drawings.

The Sovereign’s choice of service provider was rooted in the robust working relationship Glazing Renovations have cultivated with them. Their confidence in the team’s ability to deliver the required works effectively and efficiently played a pivotal role in the quick decision making. It also makes Glazing Renovations proud to have been able to work and act quickly, and to the high standards required for a replacement such as this one.

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