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Location: Winchester

Client: University Of Winchester

In this project, our primary task was to replace three sizable glass units at the King Alfred Centre. The project’s objectives revolved around the swift and efficient execution of this task, necessitating the use of both a crane and abseilers, along with a ground technician for support. The urgency stemmed from the limited availability of clear rooms at the facility, which could only be maintained for a single day. Hence, our goal was to complete the replacement promptly to ensure the prompt availability of these spaces for use once more.

Their choice to engage with Glazing Renovations stemmed from the project’s unique challenges. The installation of the glass units, due to their considerable height and the presence of obstructive brise soleil, posed a significant logistical challenge. Given Glazing Renovations’ specialisation in these types of installations, they found their services to be a perfect fit for the client’s needs. Prior to project commencement, a comprehensive survey was carried out in collaboration with their abseiling and lifting partners. This rigorous planning ensured that every requirement was thoughtfully addressed and provided Glazing Renovations with a clear and efficient installation strategy upon arrival at the site, ultimately contributing to the project’s overall success.

Glazing Renovations played a pivotal role in addressing the challenges posed by the installation. One significant hurdle was the presence of brise soleil, complicating both the descent for our abseiling partners and the removal and lifting of the units without causing harm. The exceptional professionalism of our contracting partners, combined with the remarkable teamwork exhibited during the installation, allowed us to execute these lifts with the utmost precision, thereby avoiding any damage or injuries. It is worth noting that the initial unit damage resulted from heat stress; however, with the introduction of new toughened glass units, we have taken proactive measures to ensure such issues do not recur.

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