How Can You Protect Your Commercial Glass For Winter?

Commercial glass is different from residential glass in terms of size, strength, and functionality, as it must adhere to stricter safety and performance standards to meet the demands of high-traffic and public spaces. Commercial glass in winter faces unique challenges due to the cold such as: Heat Loss Condensation Ice Formation Drafts Energy efficiency issues […]

How Do I Make My Property More Energy Efficient?

The built environment remains a considerable roadblock to net zero, with buildings accounting for 39% of global carbon emissions. With one in six buildings built before 1900, the UK has some of the oldest commercial and housing stock in the world, meaning that improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings to make them fit for […]

Is It Better To Repair or Replace Commercial Glass?

As a Business Owner, Facilities Manager or Property Manager there might be a time you have to decide whether you should repair or replace your glazing. Glazing Renovations can help you make that decision. It is vital to consider the defects in your commercial glass to make effective decisions for your business. It is equally […]