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Location: Cambridge

Client: Equans

An Equans managed building located in Cambridge had a large pane in a corridor on the first-floor shatter at the bottom of the glass leaving it more vulnerable, weaker and unsafe. This meant the glass required replacing, and so Glazing Renovations, nationwide experts in glazing maintenance, renovations and repairs, were contacted due to their experience within the field.

However, the glass posed a challenge to access because it was installed on the exterior, with a basement entrance directly below it, necessitating the use of a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MWEP) for safe access. The glass was also thin making it a delicate handling and fitting process. Not only this, but the time frame given to Glazing Renovations was quite limited and so the team had to act quickly to ensure everything was replaced correctly and on time for the client.

With diligence and expertise, the Glazing Renovations team successfully removed and replaced the glass, prioritizing safety throughout the process. A secure barricade was established around the work area, preventing any inadvertent access by staff and students during the replacement work. This proactive measure ensured a safe working environment while guaranteeing the successful execution of the glass replacement project.

The successful execution of this project not only restored the structural integrity of the glass but also upheld the client’s trust in Glazing Renovations as reliable partners in their ongoing maintenance and renovation needs. This project serves as a testament to the Glazing Renovation team’s dedication to delivering top tier glazing solutions while prioritising the safety of all involved.

This is now the second time Equans has reached out to Glazing Renovations after demonstrating their efficiency, quality and commitment to high standards during their last visit.

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