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Location: Aylesbury

Client: Sovereign

The project revolved around the urgent replacement of a high-level, challenging access piece of glass that had suffered damage due to nickel sulphide-induced cracking. The primary objectives and goals were driven by the necessity to ensure the structural integrity and security of the unit. Given the glass’s elevated position and the critical nature of the structure it served, it was imperative to engage abseiling technicians for the task. The ultimate aim was to carry out the replacement promptly and efficiently, mitigating any potential risks associated with the compromised glass and safeguarding the integrity of the entire structure.

A significant hurdle was the absence of any drawings or specifications for the glass unit, necessitating Glazing Renovations ability to meticulously match the colour and appearance of the replacement unit with the surrounding glass. Moreover, the urgency of the situation, given the glass’s location and its integral role in security, posed another challenge. With extensive experience and resourcefulness, Glazing Renovations were able to surmount these obstacles, ensuring a seamless replacement process that aligned with the visual aesthetics and security requirements of the site.

The decision to choose the services of Glazing Renovations (GR) was rooted in a well-established and trusting relationship Glazing Renovations had cultivated through prior collaborations with Sovereign. Given the challenging nature of the task, specifically the difficult access involved, Sovereign turned to Glazing Renovations with confidence, knowing that their track record and expertise were well-suited to address the unique demands of the project. This partnership, built on past successes, demonstrated their ability to effectively meet the project objectives and deliver a solution that ensured the safe and timely replacement of the glass unit.

The work was completed efficiently and to the high standards Glazing Renovations prides themselves on.

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