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Location: London

Client: WH Fisher

A concern was raised to Glazing Renovations via the client who was reporting a persistent leak in a sizeable glass atrium. This leak was causing water to seep onto the floor below. In response, Glazing Renovation’s primary objectives were two-fold: first, to address the immediate concern by effectively sealing the affected glass units to prevent the existing leak from worsening. Second, we aimed to implement a comprehensive solution that would not only resolve the current issue but also act as a preventative measure, ensuring that no future leaks would occur in the same area. This project was driven by the need to protect the structural integrity of the atrium and maintain a watertight environment for the client.

The primary goal was putting a halt to the persistent leak issue. By engaging Glazing Renovations, the team worked hard to successfully achieve that goal, as they delivered the necessary expertise and solutions that conclusively stopped the leak. Their intervention proved instrumental in addressing our specific issue and preventing any further water intrusion, meeting our goals effectively.

There were challenges Glazing Renovations needed to handle during the project, primarily stemming from the substantial dimensions of the atrium. To render it entirely weatherproof, they were confronted with the task of providing the necessary safeguards. In this regard, the success strategy involved meticulously selecting the appropriate scaffold size and ensuring the use of the correct equipment. By doing so, Glazing Renovations fortified the atrium against adverse weather conditions, assuring its resilience and safeguarding it from future weather-related challenges.

The work was completed efficiently and to the high standards Glazing Renovations prides themselves on.

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