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Leak Ingress Repair

Leaking glazing systems can be very disruptive to the daily operations of commercial buildings. Due to the design of many new and old commercial buildings the glazing tends to be located above or within critical high footfall areas and leaks can often cause major health and safety slip risks to tenants and members of the public.

Glazing systems are reliant on EPDM weather gaskets and sealant to keep them weather tight and serviceable, their components are susceptible to age and weather-related dilapidation and do have a serviceable lifespan.

It is therefore key to ensure the ongoing maintenance of your glazing system is fully up to date and kept in a serviceable condition. However, we understand that servicing can be omitted and consequently a glazing system will deteriorate and inhabitants will soon experience a leaking glazing system.

A leaking glazing system can not only occur as a result of lack of maintenance, it can also be as a direct result of previous, poor repairs due to inadequate fitting or even from the original design of the glazing system not being completed properly.

If your glazing system is leaking and not performing as it should be, you need act fast because if you leave the system without investigating the leaks, this can lead to complete system failure and a major health and safety issue.

Glazing Renovations have extensive experience in leak detection, leak investigation and rectification works to commercial buildings, either high level or of overhead glazing systems. Over many years Glazing Renovations have specified and perfected contemporary methods of leak rectification that will upgrade the glazing systems and bring them back up to a safe and fully serviceable condition.

Our leak detection and repair service typically includes the stripping back of the leaking glazing area and installing back-up membranes, new system compatible EPDM weather gaskets, new fixings and the application of purpose designed sealants. All of our leak ingress repair works are carried out by our experienced team of glazing technicians with minimal disruption to building occupants. We are more than adept in being able to work out of hours or at weekends to ensure the least amount of disruption is caused to building occupants.

Our trained technicians deliver projects from single leaks point of water ingress to full major overhaul projects; upgrading total atriums, roof-lights, canopies and facades.

Our range of access methods means we can truly access the most difficult to reach glazing and our experienced technical members will be able to propose the most cost effective, suitable access method for reaching your affected glazing system with health and safety measures being key to any proposal.

Glazing Renovations only use purpose designed and system compatible components in conjunction with correct installation methods. This allows us to confidently give our clients a rectification solution backed up with lengthy water ingress guarantees.

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