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Glazing Renovations is motivated by Social Responsibility, our whole team genuinely care about business ethics and Social Equality.  In partnership with  ‘The Missing Kind‘ (tMK) charity, we are proud to be contributor pioneers of the ‘KindaCompany movement.  Proudly the second company, after our big brother Glazing Vision Ltd, to be accredited with this distinction.

We believe in sufficiency and making a social impact in the communities from which we source our income, 15% of our profits are donated every quarter to the charity for redistribution back into the communities of our clients.

We believe in employment equality and care, supporting equal opportunity and the ‘KindaJob’ scheme initiated by tMK, a back to work scheme for those disadvantaged by ill health or circumstance.

We invite all our Associates to join this ‘KindaCompany’ movement, expanding the network of the like-minded to make for a more equal living for those less fortunate.

Our Mission

To support dedicated individuals, empowering them to make a difference to the world and to inspire kindness without boundary

Our Vision

A compassionate world built on sensitivity, sharing and sufficiency

Our Values


We achieve our greatest influence by sharing without judgement. Our beneficiaries are defined only by need, or a passion to share what they have and what they know. We can best change this world by being inclusive; working inside the problem to avoid alienation from those most in need.


We help individuals into self-support, using our facilities and network to build confidence and opportunity. Helping those with a passion for change realise their social impact ambitions through independent Social Enterprise.

Social Equality

We believe that all people are equal and deserve the same opportunities in life. That enough is enough and that we should share what we have, give what is excess.


This is the most important ingredient for those wishing to make a difference; often misunderstood as interest or a long day at the office! Our mission is to support passion, helping those gifted and dedicated to social impact with our resources.



Working together we can change the world. Sharing resources is key to sustainable social impact. We promote the benefits of community through social cafes, co-housing, co-operative buying, resource sharing, social action and a fair economy - actively engaging with those in the communities around us who want to become part of this movement.