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Glazing Reports

Glazing Renovations specialist technical team offer a wide range of glazing inspection and report services either annually or when called upon. Glazing Renovations glazing inspections will cover the entire building envelope; including glazed roof atriums, roof-lights, curtain wall facades, canopies, windows, balustrades and internal building glazing.

All of our glazing inspections are tailored to the exact requirement of each client and these will typically cover condition and dilapidation, H&S and compliance, structural integrity, visual and intrusive glazing inspection.

Our client reports are comprehensive, including a full photographic schedule of conditions covering all defects and health and safety concerns, specification of all glazing and system components, prioritised rectification recommendations along with recommendations of component serviceable lifespan, allowing for planned future budgeting and maintenance of the glazing system.

Our technical teams are fully trained in all areas of access including MEWP, cradle systems, gantry systems and rope access. This vast level of access training allows for inspections to be conducted to all buildings and glazed structures, regardless of height and difficult in accessing.

Health and Safety Glazing Inspection

We are experiencing high volumes of clients contacting us to carry out health and safety glazing inspections to their commercial buildings. Our health & safety glazing inspection will assess either a site’s entire glazing or concentrate on specific areas of interest or concern. Glazing Renovations H&S glazing reports will evaluate the glazing, ensuring it is fully compliant and does not pose a risk to either the building tenant or the general public. Like our other range of glazing inspections, our Health and Safety glazing inspections include a full photographic report of any identified defects, details on the H&S implications, along with our expert recommendations on the required rectification works to the glazing. Finally an itemised quotation listing the defects and cost implications to rectify said defects to assist the client with future budgeting and to ensure the onsite glazing system is fully safe and serviceable in the years to come.

High Level Glazing Inspection

One of our specialities is high level glazing inspections. Over the years our specialist glazing technical teams have been responsible for annually inspecting some of the country’s most prestigious buildings at height. This expertise has allowed us to hone our high level glazing inspection techniques and access methods to ensure our teams can competently inspect the highest glazed structures and most difficult to access areas of a building’s envelope. To conduct our high level glazing inspection of your building, we will first meet yourself onsite to establish the most effective access method. After completion of our initial site survey, we will then issue our quotation to conduct the glazing inspection. Upon completion of your high level glazing inspection, like all our other glazing inspection options, we will issue a full photographic schedule of defects in a report, followed by an itemised quotation to repair the items discovered during our glazing inspection and to assist with future budgeting.

In conjunction with our glazing expertise, Glazing Renovations also have technical team members fully trained in the inspection, testing and repair of stone, marble, brick and rendered facades and elevation sections. This means we can offer a full building inspection if required.

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